Welcome to Fair Trade Recycling

(Reserved tradename of World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association)

The WR3A is a business consortium of used electronics recycling professionals, academics, and environmental activists operating in the USA and overseas. The Association seeks to offer truthful solutions for the “e-waste” problems.  Our members pledge to reform the export market, treat importers fairly, and eliminate “toxics along for the ride.” In 2015, Fair Trade Recycling launched an “e-waste offset” campaign, giving incentives to emerging market importers to divert decades of past-imported now-obsolete electronics to recycling. One ton in pays for one ton out.

Our members use trade to make a difference.  Members agree to engage with both the Tech Sector and the working class in emerging markets.  We offer discounts on used gear as an incentive for these tinkerers, fixers, geeks and technicians to engage in properly recycling the used gear which is generated (eventually recycled) in these growing markets. We do not boycott markets based on ethnic profiling.

Fair Trade Recycling differs from the so-called “#ewaste” campaigns which ban trade with technicians, recyclers, and reuse businesses in rapidly developing countries.   After a decade of trade bans, we know that the situation only got worse in markets which had fewer choices of organizations to trade with.

  • We support best practices
  • We restrict worst practices
  • We provide transparent and true information
  • We research markets and try new solutions
  • We defend and champion African, Asian, and Latino Reuse Techicians
  • We refuse to racially profile, impugn, or exaggerate recycling challenges

The truth about trade in secondary materials between 7 billion people is far more interesting, and more nuanced, than simplified stories based on profiling and fear of globalization.  Fair Trade Recycling is part of the “alter-globalization” movement, engaged with recycling in a way that makes a difference in environmentally sustainable growth.



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