Recycling Ambassador Program


Do you care about the environment? Are you interested in gaining hands-on experience in the international import-export market? Would you like to intern at an organization who is at the forefront of the industry? If so, then apply to be a Fair Trade Recycling Ambassador today. Fair Trade Recycling is an organization committed to developing transparent and legal systems, that will benefit information and communications technology (ITC), as well as reuse in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Fair Trade Recycling members pledge to reform the export market, treat importers fairly and eliminate toxics along for the ride.

Ambassadors will be sent overseas to inspect recycling facilities and document recycling protocol. Fair Trade Recycling is a responsible organization, that cares not only what happens with waste domestically, but also wants to guarantee that the exported goods end up in the right hands.

Ambassadors will work along-side local facility managers who will give tours and answer questions about company protocols and procedures. Ambassadors will document the trip with photographs of the facilities and a written report. Fair Trade Recycling is looking for students who are hard working and adaptable. Most importantly, students should demonstrate strong desire to learn more about the field and willingness to immerse themselves in a new culture and environment. Upon admission, potential financial aid sources to cover trip expenditures will be given.


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Ambassador Hosts

We would like to introduce to you the new Fair Trade Recycling Ambassador program. The idea of the program is to partner with colleges and universities to provide affordable downstream diligence of reuse and recycling facilities abroad.

The program will provide airfare and introductions to match international students or students who are interested in foreign languages, environmental issues, international affairs with electronics refurbishers abroad. The program has two objectives: to provide comfort for USA exporters who cannot afford professional certification of prospective overseas partners, and to introduce Americans to the “geeks of color”, technicians who have sometimes been mistaken for “primitive recyclers” in the mainstream press.

Student auditors will be provided checklists for environmental due diligence, potential travel reimbursement, and a warm welcome in a foreign country. They can see for themselves the positive aspects of exporting, as well as bringing in new and fresh ideas into the association. Past visits include trips to China, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Ghana and Peru.

If your company has prospective overseas partners you’d like to nominate, either for exploring future trade or for verifying relationships you have in place, please consider sponsoring one of WR3A’s “Recycling Ambassadors”.