The Fair Trade Recycling Movement In The News


Secondhand: Travels In the New Global Garage Sale 2019

         Adam Minter (author of Junkyard Planet and Secondhand) spends 2 concluding chapters on WR3A member site visits.

Motherboard, Tech by Vice 2014

“Why We Should Ship Our Electronic ‘Waste’ to China and Africa”

German Public TV (ZDFkultur) 2012

  Interviews of reuse export experts.

Recycling International 2011

 “‘Fair Trade’ not ‘Digital Dumping'”

NPR Living On Earth 2009

 “On Their Own Terms”

PBS Arizona 2009

  Video on Las Chicas Bravas: Fair Trade Ethical E-waste Exports

NPR-APM Marketplace 2009

 “Finding a Future in Recycled Electronics”

Tucson Weekly 2009

 “Las Chicas Bravas: In the small, struggling Mexican town of Fronteras, a group of women has big goals”

Associate Press/Banderas News 2010

“Recycling Factory Gives Mexican Workers Reboot”

Vermont Public Radio 2013

“Fair Trade Recycling Of E-Waste”

New England Cable News (NECN) 2013

“Could More Electronics Be Reused, Not Just Recycled?”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek 2020

“In the ‘Star Wars’ Economy, One Thing Doesn’t Pay”

AMAZON Prime Documentary “Blame Game” 2019

         European journalists interview Joseph “Hurricane” Benson and other members of Africa’s Tech Sector

USA Today 2013

          “Used electronics: opportunity or toxic waste?”