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“Tonight the staff of Shanghai Scrap is taking a break from writing over-heated posts about wikileaks to pause and appreciate what we now consider the greatest scrap recycling blog of all time: the Good Point Ideas Blog, authored by Robin Ingenthron – founder of the World Reuse Repair and Recycling Association, and owner of Good Point Recycling/American Retroworks, a US-based e-waste recycling company that proudly engages in legal electronic “waste” exports to the developed world (read the blog to learn about how he does that).”

– Adam Minter, Author, Junkyard Planet,

Good Point Ideas Blog, aka Ethical E-Waste, has been breaking news and providing links since 2007.   Author of Junkyard Planet (Adam Minter) is just one analyst giving this policy blog high praise.  The top posts may provide insights to research and policy makers looking into ethics and environmental policy in the export of used electronics.

*The views on the blog are those of the author, and do not reflect the opinion of the WR3A Board of Directors or Fair Trade Recycling Advisory Board.