Fair Trade Recycling and WR3A have produced hundreds of raw videos from dozens of countries, showing recycling and scrap, repair and reuse, shredding and manual disassembly, across the globe.

If you would like to submit a 60 second video, answering this question, we will host in on our Fair Trade Recycling Live-Streaming page on April 16:

“Used Electronics Exports:  a Blessing or a Curse?”

Recycling to Africa

2007 Video produced in Vermont and Senegal, featuring interviews with the repair and reuse technicians caught between boycotts of their purchases and toxics along for the ride.

“This is a video about computer exports, computer repair, computer reuse, and the good and bad of computer recycling. WR3A is an association which promotes “fair trade” standards for reuse, repair and recycling.”

German Public Television

German Public Television filmed this short but insightful video on the importance of exported and reused computers in Fair Trade programs.

WR3A – Fair Trade Exports

A 2009  Video by Ken French, which uses dozens of clips from dozens of nations to explain our organization’s “middle path” between bans on trade and exploitation.

“Exports are good? Export bans are bad? Higher quality resolution video showing a Fair Trade solution to the problem of junk e-waste dumped overseas.”

Las Chicas Bravas

Arizona PBS Covered the Fair Trade Recycling plant in Sonora, Mexico, in 2009.

“Vermont – Mexico partnership brings jobs and affordable recycling (including reuse of TVs) to Mexico. A women’s coop there is a complete partner with veto on every action and process. Watch how participating in a Fair Trade and Responsible manner is better than boycotting and putting the stuff in a pile in the USA. Filmed by PBS station KUAT in AZ.”