Choosing an Electronics Recycling Company

In 2007, WR3A.org developed an online mapping program to find recyclers and register them. The intent was to apply the four “Recycling Tests” to each registrant, to “vet” them for listing on the map. A membership form was attached to the registration program in 2009.

In 2007, WR3A sought funding from the US EPA for the “vetting program”, a request which eventually led to the formation of an industry group, mediated by DecideAgree, to develop a consensus standard. WR3A was a stakeholder and active participant in this “Responsible Recycler” group. The group decided to employ many other tests and certifications, including Total Quality Management and Environmental Health and Safety inspections, forming the standard now known as “R2 Certified”, administered by the non-profit organization R2 Solutions.

Fair Trade Recycling / WR3A member represents overseas refurbishers on the Technical Advisory Board for R2 Solutions. We are raising funds to edit and support the online recycler vetting tool, which can help people select a recycler based on whichever certification standard is most appropriate for the type of electronics they need to replace, donate, or discard. The tool is especially helpful to individual consumers who have too small a load to approach a large recycling factory, or for small collectors and refurbishers who are too specialized to warrant an expensive general recycling certification.